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Marine Communications

Marine Communications & Electronics are Technology devices designed and classed for use in the marine environment where even drops of salt water will destroy normal devices. Therefore majority of these types of devices are either water resistant or waterproof.

RSL carry wide variety of Marine Electronics High Quality selections of marine chartplotters, autopilots, VHF radios, fish finders, Broadband Radars, Multimedia Audio.

Outdoor Sports

Outdoor Sports Activities are leisure pursuits in outside, especially in natural, off road and in the sea. Purposes for outdoor activities are beneficial use and pleasurable appreciation, They are alternatives to expensive forms of tourism.

RSL has acquired Brand names to serve Red Sea market in Scuba Diving, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking, Underwater Photography, Sailing and Boating.

Electronics Accessories

Electronics & Computer Accessories often used in entertainment, communications and office productivity ex. Laptops, MP3 players, Audio equipment, GPS, Digital Camera and Camcorders.

21st century, the consumer industry have become based on Digital Tech, and merged with the computer industry in what is increasingly referred to as the consumerization of Information Technology

New Arrivals

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